For years, solar system and exploration have brought excitement and inspiration to people of all ages. This is especially true now, with new opportunities for students and citizen scientists to directly participate in expanding our knowledge of the solar system. Amateur astronomers and students with wide ranges of equipment and expertise are making valuable contributions to our growing understanding of our nearest celestial neighbor. Learn how you can become part of the adventure!

Moon Tours

Moon Tours is a free app from NASA that makes it easy to conduct detailed explorations of the lunar surface using a mobile device. Moon Tours is the mobile version of the NASA’s Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal (LMMP). LMMP ( is the repository for over 600+ geospatial lunar data products and imagery from historical and current lunar missions for use by scientists, mission planners, students, and the public. Moon Tours allows users to view all the publicly available lunar data from the LMMP and perform many of the functions available on the web browser version of the portal from their mobile devices. Available data products include scientifically referenced digital elevation maps (DEMs), slope maps, rock and hazard maps, gravity maps, mineralogy maps, and imagery ranging from the Apollo missions to the latest data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). Whether you are a scientist, student, or just have an interest in our Moon, Moon Tours will show you lunar topography as you have never seen it before.

Moon Tours is currently available for free download for iPhone and iPad from An Android version is currently in development and will be available shortly.

Moon Zoo

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is currently in orbit around the Moon, returning images of the lunar surface in unprecedented detail. Through Moon Zoo, you can learn how to interpret these images, have these images delivered to your computer, and become part of the team building a new understanding of the lunar surface. SSERVI is funding a MoonZoo postdoc with support of the Maryland Space Grant Consortium.

NASA Lunar Mapping and Modeling Project

This program has created an online set of capabilities and tools that will allow anyone with an Internet connection to search through, view, and analyze a vast number of lunar images and other digital products. The project website is a one-stop location for finding, retrieving, and analyzing data about the Moon, including the most recent lunar surface imagery, altimetry, temperature, lighting and other data.

SSERVI Science Teams

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Did you know?

From Earth, we always see the same side of the moon.

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