After a year-long mission around the moon, Chang’e-1 has gathered a wealth of data, and has successfully completed its mission. On Nov. 12, China published the first full map of the moon surface based on the photographs that the country’s first lunar probe took. It is the world’s clearest and fullest moon surface map to date.

  The publishing of this full map of the moon surface represents the successful accomplishment of China’s lunar probe program. The first full map of the moon surface will be contributed to China’s national museum for permanent collection.

  The principal Investigator reported that the spacecraft is still in good condition. Some on-orbit experiments will be arranged to accumulate data for future projects. Chang’e-2 is expected to be completed in 2010. This next mission will leverage lessons learned from the Chang’e-1 mission and perform a soft landing on the moon.

The State Council has approved the Project phase II of the Moon Exploration Program, with the goal of developing and launching Chang’e-3 and Chang’e-4 to make another series of scientific breakthroughs.

Posted by: Soderman/ NLSI Staff

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The last human visitor left the Moon in December 1972.

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