Adobe Connect Meeting Troubleshooting Tips

To test your system in advance of the Lunar Science Forum 2013, please go to the Adobe Connect Connection Test URL:


Forum login issues

NOTE: If you are having trouble accessing the Lunar Science Forum 2013, please contact the event organizer for assistance. Only the meeting organizer or administrator of the web conferencing account can register users or grant access to Adobe Connect meetings.

Quick things to check first. Check the following simple items to help resolve meeting access issues.

  • Are you connected to the Internet?
  • Disable popup blocker software.
  • Clear the browser's cache.
  • Try connecting from another computer.
  • Are you accessing the correct URL?
  • Have you registered for the event or seminar?
  • Try accessing the meeting as a registered user.
  • Did you change your password recently?

I forgot my password. Click the "Forgot your password" link on the login page to reset your password. Note that passwords are case sensitive.

I don't have a password to get into a meeting. Guest logins are also an option for meetings, but must be approved by the meeting host. With private meetings the host/moderator must approve guest login requests, which may take a few minutes.

My password does not work. Try using the "Forgot your password" link to set a new password.

I have logged in and nothing is happening. When you log in as a guest you need approval. An approval message will be presented to the host. If the request is declined, entrance to the meeting is not possible and a message stating that the request was declined is displayed. Contact the meeting presenter or organizer if you should have access.

My company uses a proxy server to control internet access. Being behind a proxy server may affect your ability to access Adobe Connect. Try the following:

  1. Within Internet Explorer select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab.
  2. Enable the setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections and click OK.
  3. Close all browser windows and re-open before trying to connect to meeting again


Problems running a meeting

I'm supposed to be a presenter but I logged in as a participant. If logging in as a guest, exit the meeting and log in as a registered user. If you are designated as a presenter for the meeting you must log in with your Adobe Connect account to receive the proper permissions. If after logging in as a registered user you still do not have presenter permissions, contact the meeting Host and ask to be promoted to a presenter.

I need more help

If none of the suggestions above resolve your Adobe Connect meeting issue, you can contact the for additional assistance.


There are two ways to experience the submitted posters for the 2013 Virtual Forum: 


Poster galleries have been created for each poster category. The red arrow below displays the thumbnail previews for the posters within that category. Viewers can cycle through the various posters and then click on either the title of the poster or the hyperlink below (as shown in the blue box/arrow below) to navigate to that poster's dedicated page. 


As seen below, each poster's page contains an embedded interactive PDF (red arrow). Viewers can zoom in/out and save/print a poster at their convenience. Additionally, a full-screen hyperlink is found below the poster. Please note: as these are interactive PDFs, viewers will need to make sure that they have a PDF viewer and web browser plugin (e.g. the free Adobe Acrobat Reader). Please click here for Acrobat Reader troubleshooting. 


Additionally, each poster has a dedicated Comments section (purple arrow) as well as an "Interested" link (blue box/arrow). Attendees can post questions or comments that they might have for the poster author in the Comments section, while also indicating interest by clicking the "I am interested in this topic" link. This is a way for researchers to collaborate and discuss topics of mutual interest. 


Once a topic has generated "interest," the following section (green arrow) will appear on the posters page. This section displays the usernames of those attendees who are interested in the poster. 




Toll-Free (U.S. & Canada): (866) 811 - 1738

Passcode: 4517770#